E-Commerce Driven Websites

So you have a product or service that you want to sell online to the world? This is where E-Commerce websites come into play. E-commerce web sites involve a product driven database, that allows users to place items into a “shopping cart”, then purchase over a secure connection (if you had the right company set it up that is) via a credit card online.


Shopping Cart Creation

e-commerce websites for your business with custom shopping cartsHave you ever tried to buy something online, only to have multiple products show up, or you can’t even find the shopping cart in the first place? The coding behind the shopping cart is one of the most important aspects of the cart itself, and ultimately the end user experience.  Making sure that your users have the simplest most seamless shopping experience possible is our job, and ultimately your business. If someone feels comfortable buying from your store, we both know they will be back as a repeat customer.

Smooth, Safe, Transactions

secure transactions for your e-commerce websiteIf you have ever had your credit cards stolen, or your identity online for that matter, we all know we need to have safe secure transactions. Making sure that your cart has the most update-to-date secure encryption to provide your customers with peace of mind is a key ingredient to the whole picture.

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Process Payments Your Way

accept credit cards from your e-commerce website for your businessSo many e-commerce carts limit you to processing payments through their chosen payment processing gateway. We offer you several options whether it be an Authorize.net account, Google Checkout, Paypal, or practically any other gateway of your choice we’re here to help. If you need direction, we can offer advice on the direction towards a payment processing gateway you should choose, based on your stores needs, and sales volume.

Delivery Of Choice

multiple shipping options from your e-commerce websiteWe integrate your store, to your preferences. Whether you want to ship via UPS, USPS, or FedEx we have you covered. Selling digital products for download, or a subscription type of service or good? We can handle that too.

Database Driven E-Commerce Websites

One of the first things you need to decide is how  you will inventory your companies E-commerce website. Will you have a completely separate inventory for those items/services you sell online, versus those you sell in the store? Are photos necessary for your products to be sold online? How much time is available to devote to managing my online store, and all the orders that are placed?