Does My Business Need To Be on Facebook?

While conversing with clients another topic that comes up quite frankly nearly every time, is the “does my business need to be on Facebook?” 99.9% of the time the answer is yes. If someone offered your business a FREE billboard on the side of the road, even if it isn’t the main highway in your town wouldn’t you take it? Of course you would. As of the time of this posting there are 150 million Americans on Facebook. And I would bet to guess that even if your competitors aren’t they are soon to be. One of the great recent changes in Facebook…is that fact that you no longer have to have a personal profile to start a business page. All you need now is an email address. Facebook is a great platform, and now seems to be the 900 lb gorilla in every room that we step in, and you can’t seem to escape it on TV, on billboards, radio, and everywhere else that we turn. Truth is it is a great way to communicate with existing customers, as well as reach out to new customers, or even better yet have your customers tell their friends about how wonderful your business is, all for FREE. We offer consulting on various aspects of Facebook, what is necessary, what isn’t and how to utilize every aspect of the social media giant. But first step is you much create a page, not a profile. Has your business done so yet?

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