Did I Really Just Tweet? How Can Twitter Help My Business?

“What is this Twitter thing all about?” “Every time I go to twitter, I see all these different @ and # sybmols. What do those mean?” Bottom line is Twitter, like most things in life, is easy once you understand it. The @ symbols refer to using direct messages. Think of it as an email. When someone types @dsimarketing it basically sends a message out to us, that we can then reply with an @username message back to. The little “#” tags that you see are called hash tags. Think of these as keywords to your tweets. Sofor example if you are let’s say a restuarant, and you are having a special over the weekend of a free appetizer with purchase of two entrees, you could post something like #freeentrees at joe’s rib emporium in #Venice #Florida for this #weekend only. This would allow when people search for key terms of free entres, Venice, Florida, or weekend all to see your tweet. Considering that Twitter has some 70 million users this can be a powerful tool for your business. Once you have people that follow you, they can then “retweet” your messages and it will show to all of their friends. There is a setting that allows you to tweet with your location to make it easier for users to find you. This is a great idea if your business has a particular region that it caters to. We will write more about twitter in future posts.

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