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So many companies spend thousand's of dollars on advertising, promoting, and designing different marketing plans to acquire quality leads to boost their sales. Unfortunately, with many companies this is where it stops. They are unsure of how to follow up, or to stay in contact with a given prospect to keep their product in front of them. Chances are if you have their information, your prospect WANTS to hear from you. There are several different ways to keep your product or service in front of your targeted audience. DSI Marketing Solutions uses Eblasting, Newsletters, and Postcard Mailings.



Eblasting consists of sending out "brochure type" emails to a selected recipient list. Eblasts simply put are emails consisting of a graphically pleasing theme, with a use of attractive colors and photographs. With our systems of segmenting your information you can design eblasts to hit your target market. Whether your eblast is targeting a segmented region, a particular demographic, or a given type of consumer, eblasts have quickly become the marketing of today.


In most businesses the 80/20 rule applies, where 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. Newsletters, very similar to eblasts above are sent to subscribers of customers who have signed up to receive your information, and would like to stay informed about your product or services. Newsletters can be sent out yearly, monthly, weekly or daily depending on the type of content you are producing.

Postcard Mailings

Yes it is sometimes amazing that in today's technological world that people still use "snail mail". While this is somewhat of a lost art, a direct mail piece, it is one that should not be underestimated or forgotten about. Let us take your list and send out mailing to all of your customers, with personalized fields printed on each design piece.