Did I Really Just Tweet? How Can Twitter Help My Business?

“What is this Twitter thing all about?” “Every time I go to twitter, I see all these different @ and # sybmols. What do those mean?” Bottom line is Twitter, like most things in life, is easy once you understand it. The @ symbols refer to using direct messages. Think of it as an email. When someone types @dsimarketing it basically sends a message out to us, that we can then reply with an @username message back to. The little “#” tags that you see are called hash tags. Think of these as keywords to your tweets. So Continue reading “Did I Really Just Tweet? How Can Twitter Help My Business?”

Does My Business Need To Be on Facebook?

While conversing with clients another topic that comes up quite frankly nearly every time, is the “does my business need to be on Facebook?” 99.9% of the time the answer is yes. If someone offered your business a FREE billboard on the side of the road, even if it isn’t the main highway in your town wouldn’t you take it? Of course you would. As of the time of this posting there are 150 million Americans on Facebook. And I would bet to guess that even if your competitors aren’t they are soon to be. One of the great recent changes in Facebook… Continue reading “Does My Business Need To Be on Facebook?”

Make My Business Number One On Google

Nearly every company that we consult with when we first sit down states “I want to be number one on Google”. Our reply is always “Who doesn’t?” I mean what good is a website, if no one finds it. The old adage if a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound saying comes to mind? Truth is there are only so many number one spots on Google. However don’t get discouraged, there is some good news, there are ways to get your company found and even compete with some of the big boys that have the million dollar marketing budgets, that most of our clients don’t have. Continue reading “Make My Business Number One On Google”